Suzi Kaplan Olmsted
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Current Projects-
"Institutional Wallet", available from VirgoGray Press at www.artopium.com.

Beatitudes, 50th Anniversary issue, has four pages of my artwork at its heart. 

My name credit is on those pages, though not included in the table of contents, which are restricted to the work of a written nature alone.  Actually, there's a ton of writing on the four pages, so I have no clue why my name has only been super-typed over the images.  Since it isn't in the table of contents, which seems to be true of all the visual pieces, the only way to find it is to read the whole thing, or by following this shortcut clue.  If you look at the pages of the book opposite the spine, held together tightly, the center section has a small, dark stripe.  Allow the book to open to those pages, and you have found my work.  Then feel free to enjoy the rest.
I have a piece in Napalm Health Spa, and Hazmat Journal is using the poem, "I am the child of Psychotherapists"
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